Friends of the Sanctuary program

Champion the Cause of Chimpanzees!

You can help champion the cause of the chimpanzees by becoming a ‘Friend of the Sanctuary’

It is a chance for you not only help us ensure the long-term care of the chimps at Ngamba but also to support our conservation initiatives in the wild. The more active and involved the friendship, the more we can raise awareness about the plight of the chimpanzees and the environment. As a Friend of the Sanctuary, you will be recognized in our monthly bulletin newsletter, annual reports, and website and on our ‘Friends of the Sanctuary’ wall at Ngamba Island.

It is because of the continued generosity of donors like you that we are able to maintain the sanctuary as well as work on critical environmental conservation and community action programs to save chimpanzees in the wild. Detailed below are the different donor levels and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or to customize your friendship level.

If you are a U.S.-based donor and need a tax-deductible letter, you can donate through our U.S. non-profit partner, Friends of Chimps. Please note, they are a separate 501(c)(3) entity and as such maintain full control of donations received. Visit their website to learn more.

Friends of the Sanctuary Categories

Friendship Category Donation Level Benefits
Chimp Kid $20USD or 75,000UGX One puzzle book and a Ngamba Island Passport
Chimp Star $50USD or 180,000UGX Friendship certificate and Ngamba Island crew neck t-shirt
Ngambassador $100USD or 360,000UGX Friendship certificate and Ngamba Island polo (collared) t-shirt
Chimp Family $150USD or 540,000UGX Plaque on donor board, Friendship certificate, and two key holders
Corporate Bronze $200USD or 720,000UGX A bronze plaque with logo on the donor wall, Friendship certificate, and website listing
Corporate Silver $1,000USD or 3,600,000UGX Silver plaque with logo on the donor wall, Friendship certificate, promotional materials, website listing
Corporate Gold $2,500+ USD or 8,900,000+ UGX Gold plaque on the donor wall, branding at Ngamba Island, Friendship certificate, monthly newsletter, website listing

UGX listed is based on exchange rate of $1USD = 3,733UGX. Subject to change without notice and is calculated based on the current exchange rate at the time of donation. Updated on December 3, 2018.


Friends of the Sanctuary program




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