Meet the 52-person Ngamba Island chimp population, which ranges in age from 1 to 40 years. Did you know that chimps in captivity can live for up to 60 years? They are intelligent, social creatures with individual personalities, much like humans. The chimp biographies on Ngamba Island will introduce you to each of them, but if you actually want to get to know these magnificent animals, come visit us and see them in person!

Want to sponsor or become a guardian for one of them and receive a tax break or tax deductible? Friends of Chimpanzees (FOC) and Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), both situated in the United States, have an Adopt a Chimp program on their websites where you can foster any of the 52 chimpanzees for $50USD each year.

Your gift will go toward providing food and care for all the chimpanzees at Ngamba, and you will also receive a digital adoption package. To be taken to their website to complete your “adoption,” go here to adopt through PASA and FOC. By sending an email to, you can also adopt directly through our online system through PESAPAL.

We thank you profusely for your assistance!

Many pant hoots from us for your support!

Ngamba Island chimp profiles