Support Chimpanzees through Global Giving Fundraiser

Chimpanzee Trust is participating in the Global Giving Fundraiser which starts on 8th -26th June 2020. We call upon our champions to support chimpanzees through the Global Giving Fundraiser by clicking Donate

The current travel restrictions, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, have affected the tourism industry that contributes 50% of the cost of operations for the care and welfare of 50 orphaned chimpanzees as well as sponsoring wild chimpanzee monitoring and habitat restoration programs.

Donations and support from a struggling economy in Uganda have dried up, risking the lives and welfare of the animals at the sanctuary and hampering protection of the wild chimpanzees.


Target fund

$ 50,000

Actual received

$ 5,979




  1. Donate to our cause through the Global Giving Link [ Donate]
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                         Together we shall continue to protect Chimpanzee plight world wide!

Your support during the Global Giving day  fundraiser of 18 days will enable Chimpanzee Trust;

  1. To provide for the care of 50 orphaned chimpanzees at the sanctuary with food and medicine.
  2. To support the monitoring of wild chimpanzee populations to reduce the risk of introduction of the COVID-19 disease in the wild population and enhance community sensitization to the risk of the disease and hopefully reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  3. To air Radio messages which will continue to bring environmental education to students at stranded at home.

We believe that your support today will result into long term results through;

  1. The survival of the orphaned and rescued chimpanzees on Ngamba Island as a representation of the plight of the species.
  2. The protection of wild chimpanzees and reduction in the destruction of their forest habitat.
  3. The reduction of human-wildlife conflict Continuation of conservation and environment education to children affected by the shut-down of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to 50 orphaned and rescued chimpanzees and also protects wild chimpanzees. The sanctuary provides feeding and veterinary care to orphaned chimpanzees. The sanctuary also supports communities living next to wild chimpanzee habitat to promote habitat conservation and improve their livelihoods. the chimpanzee is an endangered species and our work ensures its survival in the wild and protected areas, critical to the survival of the species.