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  • Renovation of the Chimpanzee sleeping area

    In the wild chimpanzees making new nests is a behavior that is exhibited every evening in the tallest trees of 10-20 meters. The chimpanzees at Ngamba Island spend the day in the forest and return for a night in their sleeping area. The sleeping area for the chimpanzee at Ngamba

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  • Conservation awareness through Radio drama

    Creating awareness through Radio dramas

    Our conservation radio drama program is back! With all the positive feedback received from our listeners in the parts of Uganda where it is aired, we are happy to inform you that the new season of the radio drama series “Ikijja Omanyire” (forewarned is forearmed), will be back on the

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  • Strategic Plan Consultancy Services

    TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR THE STRATEGIC PLAN DEVELOPMENT 2023-2027 Background/context Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust) is a Not for Profit, Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 1998 to contribute to the quality of life of chimpanzees in a captive environment and ensure the survival of wild chimpanzee

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