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  • Effects of COVID-19 on bio-diversity in Kikuube

    The effects of covid 19 on biodiversity in Kikube- Uganda has been managed through our grant of Darwin Rapid response grant. Through this grant, we realised that the effects of covid 19 on biodiversity can be managed through; create more awareness about the spread of the virus geared to encourage

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  • Ngamba Island gets Gabions

    Ngamba Island Flooding Management

    Ngamba Island Flooding Management on Lake Victoria is now under control after finalizing phase one (1) of the gabion project. Ngamba island flooding is being caused by the increase in the water levels in Lake Victoria, one of the effects of global warming has been a huge concern for the

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    Project Name: Community adaptability occasioned to loss by wildlife Project Country: Uganda-Kikube district The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust), has implemented a three-year project, Community adaptability occasioned to loss by wildlife, Ugandaā€¯. The project aimed to establish long-term community adaptability programs that promote ecological balance and livelihood

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