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  • An Opportunity to Become a Board Member

    PUBLIC NOTICE   REQUEST FOR NOMINATION OF INDIVIDUALS AND INSTITUTIONS TO SERVE AS TRUSTEES OF CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION TRUST (CHIMPANZEE TRUST)   Background: Chimpanzee Trust was established in 1998 as a combined national and international initiative and a globally recognized collaborative conservation effort, geared towards developing and implementing

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  • Current News About PES Project

       Read the New York Times story A Cheap Fix For Climate Change? Voice of America publication Farmers Paid Not To Cut Trees Science Magazine Publication: Cash for carbon: A randomized trial of payments for ecosystem services to reduce deforestation The Atlantic: The Success of Paying People to Not Cut

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  • belgium day

    Happy 21st July

    Happy National Day to Belgium If you truly appreciate your #freedom, then you will never deny the opportunity to provide freedom to someone else. Warm hugs and sweet kisses from #NgambaChimps to our lovely friends in #belgium.#BonneIndépendance #GelukkigeOnafhankelijkheid #GlücklicheUnabhängigkeit #SummerProggie

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