Get to know the chimp life!

We are 49 chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary located on Lake Victoria Uganda. There 22 males and 27 females where by only 2 chimps were born here.

It’s dangerous being a chimpanzee!

Chimp IkuruChimp Katie

My Name is Ikuru

I saw my mother die.

There was a war in the forests of the Democratic republic of Congo, that’s where we lived. Gunshots would go off at night and sometimes during day. My mother would always successfully carry me on her back to take me away from the cross fire.

My Name is Afrika

I was confiscated from Kashoya, Kitomi Forest Reserve and taken to Ngamba on 18th June 2008 where I found a wonderful Chimp female Billi, who adopted me and raised me like her own daughter. I don’t know who my mother was nor do I know who my father was that’s why when I think of the privilege Survivor has, I sometimes envy him.

My Name is Becky

When I was young, I was kidnapped from my family and sold as a pet, that is where I quickly realized how grime the world was for me as a Chimpanzee. I didn’t know who my mother was neither did I have the hope of seeing her again.

Bullied Chimpanzees!

Baluku-editedCindy 1

My Name is Baluku

Every time I think about it, I get reduced to tears because if I wasn’t kidnapped from my family, I wouldn’t have lost 2 fingers on my left hand  and sustained injuries in my right arm, head and right eye.

When I look at those two stamps on my left hand, it makes me think about the, what if’s? What if I had never been kidnapped from my mother and ended up in pet trade?  Would my life be better or not?

My Name is Cindy

I feared eating when other older Chimpanzees stood next to me. Sometimes they would grab my food and eat it and other days they threw me out of the hammock at night just for a good days tease.

I was miserable, young and had no one to stand up for me so one day as the bully took my food, I was aided by the goddess of anger and I attacked Robbie with a force I had never experienced before.

The Smartest Chimpanzee at Ngamba

Natasha1Mawa Dec 2013Asega Dec 2013

My Name is Natasha

I suppose you’ve come across the phrase “98.7% human being” a lot. Well when scientists say Chimpanzee’s are your closest relative, they are not lying to you, because they have me in mind every time they use the phrase.

I am one of the smartest Chimpanzee’s in the world according to the Maxplank research which was conducted on Chimpanzee’s worldwide.

My Name is Mawa

Blood, sweat, and tears don’t even come close to the training that I’ve done. If you’ve ever visited Ngamba Island, I believe you’ve heard about my talent.

My Name is Asega

Blood, sweat, and tears don’t even come close to the training that I’ve done. If you’ve ever visited Ngamba Island, I believe you’ve heard about my talent.

The care givers say that if they ever organized Chimpanzee Olympic Games, they know I would win everything in the category of high Jump, acrobatics and fastest runner. I can give Javier Sotomayor, the high jump record holder at 2.45metres a run for his money because my record is at 5 metres.


Chimp Asega at Ngamba IslandChimp Billi at Ngamba Island sanctuarychimp becky


Baby girl chimp at Ngambachimp eddyKikyo

Chimp Ikuruchimp Baronchimp kisembo