Radio Drama

Chimpanzee Trust in abid to increase its conservation education mandate is using Radio drama as a tool to spread it’s conservation messages in Uganda. Radio communication is a popular tool of communication in homes because it is an efficient way of delivering information to people rich or poor, literate or illiterate, adult or young both in cities and rural areas. We have produced an interesting radio drama,” Ekijja omanyire” (Link for audio ) literally means “forewarned forearmed”, is about two families that have diverging attitudes, values and practices towards nature and the environment. As the two families move on with their day-to-day way of life there is a lot to learn. The drama incorporates social, economic and conservation issues.

The audio drama is acted by students from Kiziranfumbi Secondary School, whom we have trained in audio entertainment. To listen to the drama click here.

With support from Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, we have been able to record 37 episodes, trained the students and attained patent for the drama. We intend to upscale the radio drama to other languages such as English, Luganda and Luo. To support this activity click here



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