On May 17th 2021, Billi one of the resident chimpanzees at Ngamba Island gave birth to a bouncing male baby chimpanzee. In the first couple of weeks, the baby was not faring well. He was weak and lethargic and spent most of the day asleep and hardly moving, except to breastfeed, which was not as […]

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  • Chimpanzee Trust at the NGO Summit this World Primate week

    This September is designated to celebrate primates in the world. Chimpanzee Trust’s Executive Director- Dr Joshua Rukundo will be part of the guest speakers at the NGO Summit this World Primate Week. This week Chimpanzee Trust that manages Ngamba Island home to now 52 chimpanzees will be part of the protecting wildlife NGO summit. The […]

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  • Tree planting on Earth Day

    Chimpanzee Trust Joins the rest of the world to celebrate Earth Day

    The team at the Chimpanzee Trust has joined the global community to celebrate Earth Day 2020, raising awareness concerning Climate Action, the theme for this year. Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented changes in the human lifestyle, it has helped us realize and better understand the impact of man’s activities. Many countries are in […]

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