The education and community activities of Chimpanzee Trust are under the change in my community program. The education and community activities under the change my community program is to empower and prepare young people through providing knowledge, values and practical skills in conserving the world around them and equipping them to become change agents in their society.

Objectives for Change my community

  • To enhance schools’ participation in conservation education activities at the local, national and international level.
  • To provide practical skills, that will lead to positive attitudes, values and utilization of natural resources in a meaningful and sustainable way.
  • To provide an opportunity for young people to share experiences, (through linking up schools, promoting volunteers and internship), to share skills, values and norms that will improve the conservation of endangered species.
  • To provide opportunities for young professionals to gain experience and participate in fields of their profession while building and contributing to the conservation of natural resources of Uganda.
  • To involve institutions in developing unique education for the sustainable initiative that will spur young people to respect, value the nature and environmental stewards who have the ability to make important conservation decisions in future.


  1. School Outreaches
  2. Community outreaches
  3. Ngamba Island Sanctuary Conservation Education activities/ Student camp
  4. School-Based Enterprise
  5. Radio Drama
  6. Teacher Training
  7. Family Nature days
  8. Teacher Nature days