Community Outreach Program

Chimpanzee Trust gives back to communities around its operations through their community outreach program. This has been done through engaging and facilitating community meetings, awareness sessions and activities around Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria and communities living close to wild chimpanzees.  The community outreach program aims at empowering community members to address better environmental challenges affecting them. The Chimpanzee Trust does this in several ways using participatory tools and techniques to inform the education team, but also to facilitate community action plans.

Sustainable living on Lake Victoria

The chimpanzee Trust strives to ensure the sustainable utilization of Lake Victoria resource through sustainable living on Lake Victoria. Sustainable living on Lake Victoria involves supporting communities neighbouring Ngamba Island, to Improve waste manage, sanitation, protecting vegetation close to lake shores to reduce silting of the lake and sustainable fishing practices.

The Chimpanzee Trust through support from Born Free Foundation, Mary Moran, Friends of Chimpanzee Trust, 4 Uganda Inc., to mention but  a few ; has been able to a school at Myende Fishing village, piped filtered water into three  Koome fishing villages (Myende, Kimi and Kipapali), Biodigester community toilets, health Clinic at Myende fishing village.

Other activities include promoting conservation education and awareness through sanitation and hygiene competitions (Link) and games for conservation drives (Link) among the 24 islands of Koome.

To support the sustainable living on Lake Victoria program click here.

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