Chimpanzee Trust at the NGO Summit this World Primate week

This September is designated to celebrate primates in the world. Chimpanzee Trust’s Executive Director- Dr Joshua Rukundo will be part of the guest speakers at the NGO Summit this World Primate Week.

This week Chimpanzee Trust that manages Ngamba Island home to now 52 chimpanzees will be part of the protecting wildlife NGO summit.

The Chimpanzee Trust to further curb the human-wildlife conflict as the main reason why the sanctuary exists, set up a field project in the Northern Albertine region. Here we carry out conservation education and awareness programs.

Humans are a voice to the voiceless and we need to advocate for the rights of this wildlife who are at risk of extinction.

Chimpanzees’ are among the primates that are an endangered species and as such Ngamba island sanctuary acts as a rescue/rehabilitation centre.

The island is 100 acres where 95 is forested for the chimpanzees to experience the wild environment while in captivity.

Chimpanzee Trust in its mandate provides for the 5 basic needs of these animals. These include; Shelter, food, water, health and space to survive.

You can be part of the chimpanzee champions by contributing towards their welfare through adopting one of the 52 individuals or visiting the sanctuary as an add-on to your itinerary.

These little acts enable us to ensure the welfare of chimpanzees in our care and those in the wild.
During the summit, crucial issues affecting wildlife will be discussed and our very own Executive Director- Dr. Joshua Rukundo the of is going to be part of the summit.

It’s scheduled to take place on 3rd September 2021, he will be discussing “How we can protect the environment that we and wild animals live in”

Please join the summit and also support our cause.

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