Community-based solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflict

human wildlife conflict awareness

Chimpanzee Trust formed Village Saving and Loans Associations in 32 villages in Kikuube district to curb Human Wildlife conflict.

In the past month, the Chimpanzee Trust Field team conducted routine monitoring of the village saving groups and parish Associations formed under the Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) resilience fund.

The monitoring activity verified the resilience fund governance systems, loan disbursement and rate of recovery, and growth of the funds.

The field monitors also discussed the successes so far attained in the parishes and the key challenges in running the village groups and parish associations.

The findings indicated that all members from the saving groups have continued to contribute to the association and can access loans. Several members have accessed loans and have been able to make payments in time.

On average each group constitutes 25 members who make monthly contributions which are used to pool resources to give members loans to buy seedlings for replanting at the beginning of new seasons or mitigate any issues that may arise due to HWC.

The success of these associations has led to the growth of memberships and in turn, has reduced the rate of HWC in the region while increasing the income of those neighbouring the Bugoma Central Reserve in Western Uganda.

Some members testify to the effects of these saving groups like; Jotham Kyamanywa, Bulimya Parish Association Chairperson says “Through sharing of ideas in Village saving meeting my group members have improved on their knowledge on wildlife behaviours and handling especially chimpanzees.

Some of our members have attained political leadership positions for example our Association treasurer (Hon. Nyamaizi Teddy) is the current Secretary for Production for Kikuube Town council.

The Resilience fund has increased on our agricultural production, the source for school fees and money for starting up businesses.’’

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