Project Name: Community adaptability occasioned to loss by wildlife Project Country: Uganda-Kikube district The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust), has implemented a three-year project, Community adaptability occasioned to loss by wildlife, Uganda”. The project aimed to establish long-term community adaptability programs that promote ecological balance and livelihood improvement. The Project was funded […]

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  • Conservation through Radio drama

    Conservation Education through Radio Drama

    Chimpanzee Trust through its Education program has adopted conservation education through radio drama. This has been done through the production of a radio drama as an efficient and effective means of increasing the awareness of the public. This has been done specifically for communities living close to wildlife. Over the last 3-4years, the Trust has […]

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  • Resilience fund for associations

    Resilience Fund for Associations

    The resilience fund for associations under our project funded by Darwin fund “Community adaptability to the loss occasioned by wildlife’’ project. Chimpanzee Trust has mitigated Human-Wildlife Conflicts through the implementation of various interventions and among which involved the Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) management resilience fund. This is on its end tail and has to date improved […]

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  • Call for Experts

    BACKGROUND: Chimpanzee Trust- a Non-Governmental Organisation whose mission is to “sustainably conserve Chimpanzees in their natural habitat and provide optimum captive care for those who cannot survive in the wild” has received a Rapid Response grant from the Darwin Initiatives to address the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. The Trust has running projects around the Bugoma […]

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  • Addressing Human Wildlife Conflicts, as a strategy to conserve Chimpanzees.

    Wildlife habitats both protected (forest reserves) and those outside protected areas (such as private and community forests) harbour wild animal populations that may pose threats while inflicting costs on communities that live at the frontline. The concerns include crop-raiding, economic and social losses and the loss of human life or injury. Conversion of these wildlife […]

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  • world chimpanzee day 2020


    The Chimpanzee Trust will be joining the International Community to celebrate the 3rd World Chimpanzee day 2020 (14th July) in honor of mankind’s closest living relative, the Chimpanzee. World Chimpanzee Day 2020 is a celebration of chimpanzee and an opportunity to raise awareness about the needs of the worldwide participant in their care, protection, and […]

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  • Solving Human Wildlife Conflict in the Albertine Rift

    Project Rationale The huge numbers of wild animal populations in the Albertine rift pose a threat while inflicting cost to communities. These communities affected leave at the front line of forest reserves both protected and unprotected wildlife habitats. The human wildlife concerns include crop raiding and human life or injury when they encroach on the […]

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  • Chimpanzee Trust Wishes you a Happy World Environmental Day

    “It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live“ – Dalai Lama The Chimpanzee Trust joins the global community to celebrate the #environment, that we depend on for our survival. With World Environment Day 2020 theme, ‘Time for Nature’, focusing on the environment providing the […]

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  • Human wildlife Conflict Effects of Crop Raiding Reduced Through Planting Non-palatable Crops

    Chimpanzee Trust has mitigated Human Wildlife Conflict effects of crop raiding through encouraging Farmers to plant non- palatable crops. This has been possible through our project entitled “Community adaptability to loss occasioned by wildlife in Uganda”. The project is addressing Human wild life conflicts in the Bugoma Forest Landscape. The project is supporting farmers through […]

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  • restoring forests in albertine rift


    Restoring forest cover in the Albertine rift is one of the steps being taken towards the conservation of chimpanzee in Uganda. The Albertine rift valley is the corridor where you find habitats for chimpanzee in Uganda. There has been high rate of forest loss due to conversion to farmland for subsistence and commercial agriculture. This […]

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