Habitant Monitoring in Itohya forest

Chimpanzee Trust in its mandate it is obliged to continuously implement habitat monitoring in the Albertine Rift region and the Itohya forest.

Itohya is the only large private forest in Kikube district being one of the areas of focus since it is a harbour to more chimpanzees in the area.

For the successful implementation of the habitat monitoring, the Trust had to look out for the residents who were trained.

The two Habitant monitors were assigned to take on the role of sensitizing the community about the importance of chimpanzees and forest near them.

For them to be able to work effectively, camera traps were installed into the forest to help monitor the forest.

These camera traps have helped in identifying community members who encroach on the forest for timber, poles, wild meat, water and other forest activities.

Not only that but they have further helped in chimpanzee monitoring and other mammals.

The forest harbours about 60 chimpanzees, baboons, various monkeys, bird species, butterflies and very many other types of wild animals and tree species with medicinal purposes.

Chimpanzee and baboon populations in the forest are gradually increasing since there are no human activities like deforestation taking place since the locals are aware of the camera traps in the forest and are afraid to encroach.

The Trust supports other conservation activities of tree planting, trail formation, Habitant monitoring (chimpanzee census, nest count, tree species other wild animals encounte

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