• Bugoma Forest River Conservation

    USE OF INCENTIVES TO CONSERVE RIVERS IN BUGOMA FOREST Chimpanzee Trust with funding from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is providing a solution to the problem. The Trust has been implementing the “Piloting a Scalable PES Model to Conserve Bugoma Forest Ecosystem” project since January 2018 in 4 villages where River Rutoha (one of […]

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  • research

    Happy International Day of Forests!

    “International Day of Forests 2019: Theme ‘Forests and Education” Chimpanzee Trust joins the international community to celebrate “forests”, the lungs of the earth, home to wildlife including our closest relative the eastern Chimpanzee species, and livelihood source for local communities. Today we join the global community to raise awareness on how to sustainably manage forests […]

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  • Conserving chimpanzees through a PES Scheme (2010 – 2019)

    By Lilly Ajarova, Chimpanzee Trust, P. O. Box 884, Entebbe, director@ngambaisland.org, and Nebat K. Atuhura, Chimpanzee Trust, P. O. Box 884, Entebbe, conservation@ngambaisland.org In Uganda, chimpanzees inhabit forests along the eastern edge of the Rift Valley in the west and southwest of the country (Stott and Selsor 1959; Reynolds and Reynolds 1965). The single exception is […]

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