Happy International Day of Forests!


“International Day of Forests 2019: Theme ‘Forests and Education”

Chimpanzee Trust joins the international community to celebrate “forests”, the lungs of the earth, home to wildlife including our closest relative the eastern Chimpanzee species, and livelihood source for local communities. Today we join the global community to raise awareness on how to sustainably manage forests through providing a wide array of contributions in this strategic area.

The Chimpanzee Trust is contributing to conserving forests in the Northern Albertine Rift landscape through among other strategies, Education. Since 2007, We implemented a fully-fledged education program that skills the community and school children in sustainable forestry, provides seedlings for reforestation of degraded and deforested areas in the landscape. These communities are at the frontline in the conservation of the homes for chimpanzees and Chimpanzee Trust continuously engaging them is paramount.
Forests and educating communities is a pillar that the Chimpanzee Trust cherishes!

Happy International Day of Forests!

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