restoring forests in albertine rift

Restoring forest cover in the Albertine rift is one of the steps being taken towards the conservation of chimpanzee in Uganda.

The Albertine rift valley is the corridor where you find habitats for chimpanzee in Uganda.

There has been high rate of forest loss due to conversion to farmland for subsistence and commercial agriculture.

This has led to local climate-change and amplifying human-wildlife conflicts hence threatening the survival of viable chimpanzee populations.

Furthermore, it threatens the maintenance of vital ecosystem services, including water catchment protection, pollination, soil fertility and biomass, and many others.

We have been supported by these organisations to restore the forest cover of the Albertine rift in Uganda,

The Chimpanzee Trust field program in Hoima district was provided with 50,000 seedlings, of indigenous species.

These include; natural and woodlot tree seedlings that will contribute immensely to the restoration of forests and watersheds on private land.

This will be distributed to our partner farmers in the communities that surround the Bugoma Forest Landscape in Western Uganda.

This will have a direct impact, in reducing pressure on Bugoma Forest Reserve, originating from neighboring communities.

On behalf of the Communities at the front line in the conservation of wildlife and their habitat, the Chimpanzee Trust thanks UNHCR Uganda Country Office, for the support and partnership.

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