Meet Tumbo the grey haired Chimpanzee

Tumbo grey haired chimpanzee

For the countless who have visited Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, you may recall Tumbo the grey haired chimpanzee.

This was either during the memorable chimpanzee feeding times or in the chimpanzee sleeping area at Ngamba Island.

Among humans, grey hair comes with age and presumed wisdom and respect, especially here in Uganda.

We consider grey-haired individuals, custodians of wisdom and knowledge (more the former).

As the Luganda dialect goes, “Obukadde magezi” literally meaning “With age comes wisdom”, grey-haired elders are consulted and their wisdom sought over a wide range of issues in a community at any time.

Chimpanzees and humans share 98.7% DNA, one wonders, does the same apply to the chimpanzees of Ngamba Island? Does grey hair come with age and knowledge?

Tumbo as an individual is peaceful, kind and generous which has enabled the caregivers as the first person to use during integration of young ones.

Tumbo is known to defend the young, watch out for them, and on occasion, spoil them. Just like granddad would do.

To date, Tumbo the grey haired chimpanzee has watched over and supported the integration and assimilation of many individuals.

After the unfortunate death of a friend and ally and then alpha male, Mika, Tumbo’s behavior changed.

Although Tumbo had the hope of becoming an alpha male things didn’t go as planned when he lost out to Umutama.

Tumbo has since focused his attention away from the young, and onto the adult females.

Does he think young chimps could give him leverage in the group, or has he changed tactics too soon? Was this wise?

This is a question we leave for you and request you to join us in saving the chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

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