Chimpanzee Trust Joins the rest of the world to celebrate Earth Day

Tree planting on Earth Day

The team at the Chimpanzee Trust has joined the global community to celebrate Earth Day 2020, raising awareness concerning Climate Action, the theme for this year.

Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented changes in the human lifestyle, it has helped us realize and better understand the impact of man’s activities. Many countries are in the lockdown of various degree and with this lockdown, the earth is almost immediately healing itself. The air is cleaner in many parts of the world, wildlife is recovering and tree spaces are recovering, all in a space of a few months.

The pandemic is an unmistakable reminder of the helplessness of humans and the planet in the face of global-scale threats, such as habitat loss and trade in wildlife that are a direct link to Zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19. However, all this has a silver lining. Mother earth has shown us that just a few changes in the way we live, is all that is needed to keep the earth from dying.

It is showing us that we can live and use the earth’s abundant riches without killing it at the same time with pollution, accumulation of waste, etc..

As we all celebrate Earth day, on this 50th anniversary, we compel the global community to protect and implement sustainable development ventures.

The global citizenry will continue to hear calls detailing how the human-way-of-life is impacting the planet especially on wild plant and animal life. s as a result of Climate Change, precisely the negative impacts on the increased overlap in needs for all species on this planet.

Join us to celebrate this special earth day by taking action to support conservation of wildlife and the environment worldwide. Help spread the word so we can all give back to the earth that we have taken so much from.

Chimpanzee Trust is taking action through restoration, education, and conservation as well as welfare for those that have suffered the effects of our inaction!

Do your bit and take action this Earth Day 2020, join the #globaldigitalsurge, participate this Earth Day in any way you can. A blessed 50th Earth Day to the Global Citizens. #staysafe #earthday2020

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