Congratulations to His Majesty, the King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom
















The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust), congratulates His Royal Highness, Rukirabasaijja Solomon Iguru Gafabusa on his Silver Jubilee anniversary, celebrated today, June 11, 2019, at Karuziika Palace, Hoima.

The Chimpanzee Trust has been working in His Majesty’s Kingdom since 2005 implementing conservation education and awareness programs, community development programs,  conservation research, forest conservation and restoration and has also developed a community tourism guide for the region in collaboration with Community Based Tourism Initiatives (COBATI). The Trust has also provided employment for the youth in Bunyoro Kitara to facilitate these programs, since 2008. These are the Community Conservation Ambassadors in the Kingdom.

Chimpanzee Trust acknowledges that culture is one of the key pillars for conservation and has over the past 14 years worked with His Majesty’s Cabinet and Representatives to ensure that communities conserve chimpanzees as a species and their habitat, the tropical forests.

May His Majesty Live Long, and Prosperous

Hangiriiza Agutamba Hangiriiza Enkya nuungi Hangiriiza Entaale ya Bunyoro

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