Chimp fights at Ngamba | Asega Injured

chimp fights at Ngamba island

Fights among Chimps at Ngamba Island Asega injured in the middle of the night….

During the times when most females are in estrus, there are always fights within the group.

It so happened that the night of 22nd November 2021, did not go well for Asega ( one of the adult males in the community at Ngamba Island) as he got involved in a fight that he could not win.

This night there was a storm and we could hear there was tension in the room where Asega and a couple of other males were.

Although it was dark, we managed to wake up but did not notice the individuals being beaten.

Therefore the next morning as the chimps were released to the forest, Asega kept calling and then showed the arm to the caregiver.

On a closer examination, he had suffered a deep cut on the upper left arm and he needed immediate medical attention.

Asega was sedated so that he could be thoroughly examined and stitched for quick recovery and also to avoid further infections. This was done successfully and he has been on medications and is back on his toes.


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