Tree planting in Kikuube District

Chimpanzee Trust field Office has been mobilizing farmers for tree planting in Kikuube district this coming season.

The Organization is engaging landowners in the Kikuube district neighbouring Bugoma Central Forest Reserve, who are willing and able to plant trees.

The Organization has a target of planting over 60,000 tree seedlings of both indigenous and exotic tree species (eucalyptus and pine) in the first season of 2022.

This action is to meet the high demand to plant trees expressed by farmers during the previous season.

The Field office team has been conducting school outreaches and community meetings in the previous month to identify schools and community members interested in planting trees.

The organization is aiming at conserving Chimpanzee habitats through tree planting as one of the interventions.

Since 2009 the organization has been planting trees in the Albertine Region in addition to other field conservation activities.

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