Among the implemented projects, the organization has conducted tree planting projects as one way of restoring chimpanzee habitats and bringing to a halt climate change and its negative effects. Due to the high interest of communities in the Albertine Region to plant trees, the Trust procured and delivered 40,000 tree seedlings of both indigenous and exotic tree species in the month of April 2022. Among the distributed tree seedlings , 2000 where Prunus African, 7000 Khaya Anthotheca, 8000 Maesopsis Eminii, 5000 Terminalia superba , 15,000 Eve grandis, 1000 Cordia Africana, 2000 Markhamia and 2000 Gravellea Robusta.
The trust distributed them to farmers of Kikuube and Kakumiro districts in western Uganda. The organization is planning to follow up on these supplied tree seedlings to ensure they are all planted in time to utilize the rains and enable a high survival rate. We shall keep you updated in this tree planting project

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