Chimpanzee Trust Book Distribution in Schools

Book distribution for Iam Sunday

The Education team with support from the Born Free Foundation, and PASA, is carrying out school outreaches in 3 districts; Wakiso, Kampala, and Hoima. In these outreaches, children’s books on chimpanzees are read to the students, and questions are asked thereafter to assess their understanding of the literature. The outreaches covered 85 schools.

The book distribution in schools will involve two books; One of the books distributed is a story of one of our residents, Sunday, called “It’s dangerous to be a chimpanzee.” The book explains his journey to Ngamba and the threats faced by chimpanzee’s world over.

The second book tells a story of a dedicated chimpanzee caretaker in Sierra Leone entitled, “Mama P”. The story inspires children to join careers in conservation and in particular, animal care and welfare.

It also highlights the threats to chimpanzees especially poaching for the bushmeat trade, and also explains the processes involved in rescuing, animal welfare, and integration of chimps in a sanctuary setting.

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