Wildlife Art Exhibition at Kampala Sheraton Hotel, Uganda


In a bid to raise money to build an isolation room for the Chimpanzees at Ngamba Island sanctuary, a wildlife art exhibition is being held at Lion Centre, Sheraton hotel Kampala. The exhibition will feature the works of our own renowned, considered to be among the Ugandan masters, Taga Nuwagaba, Barbara Hollweg, a professional American Photographer and a work of collaboration between Nuwa Nyanzi and Medina, the Chimp Artist.

The artwork is on display from 26th to the 28th May and will include various  events featuring talks on chimps, Quiz, a raffle draw and entertainment. A percentage of funds raised through the photos and paintings sold will be donated to the Sanctuary.

For further inquiries on the exhibition, contact us;

Email: director@ngambaisland.org and marketing@ngambaisland.org

Tel:+256 759 221537 OR +256 758 221883


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