Hanifa Chandiru

“working with Chimpanzee Trust is stress free”,


When I volunteered here, I didn’t know exactly what I I would be assigned to do so I prepared myself for whatever would come my way.

Whether it was to cook, mop, seat at the front desk whatever it was, I was not going to object because I wanted to learn everything they did here.

So when I was asked to support in the merchandising area I took the opportunity on with a lot of enthusiasm not clearly knowing what it entails but I was willing to learn that is how I ended up at Game Supermarket marketing and selling chimpanzee products.

To some of my friends back home it felt like a down grade, seeing a Human Resource graduate seating outside a supermarket selling T.shirts, Key holders and caps but for me I looked at it as a learning opportunity and each time I sold anything to someone, I would ask them what else, they would be interested in buying and I would go back and inform my supervisor about it who would then ask me to find a supplier who would make it.

I would also get some samples from several suppliers and then have our team choose the best design and quality from the best supply. This experience alone has helped me improve my leadership skills and also my merchandising, marketing and sales skills.

I have also expanded the business by identifying three more selling points, we are now at  Emin Pasha Hotel, Air Port View Guest House and Banana Village.

I have also expanded the range of products from T.shirts, albums, mugs, key holders and cards to bottle openers, travel bags, backpacks, cross bags, handbags, phone bags, money passes, fridge magnets, aprons, bangles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and every year we come up with a new chimpanzee t.shirt design.

So every time you get to wear a chimpanzee t.shirt, bracelet or take your coffee in a chimpanzee mug, I am the woman behind the merchandise because Voluntary work is still work.

Currently I am a full staff member working as…..

Hanifa Chandiru is  has a diploma in Human Resource Management and currently working as an Administrative Assistant with Chimpanzee Trust