Richard Nyakuta


Nyakuta  attended  Kuru Secondary School for his ordinary level. He has received quite a number of job experiences and he devoted his energy to doing casual jobs from time to time. He attended a Technical institute Namulanda to construct on his knowledge. He joined Chimpanzee trust in 2007. While at the Trust he got training from Classic African safaris where he got hands on knowledge in the tourism industry hence his undebated love for the chimpanzee Sanctuary and conservation trust. What inspires him to keep working with the trust is his love and admiration to help the rescued and orphaned chimpanzees.

His favorite chimpanzees are Okech and Sara. Okech because he excites visitors by the way he pulls food from below the fence and sara because of her playful nature.

Teamwork and partnership at the trust enables him to work faster and enjoy his job more as well.