Dive into an immersive overview of the 3-day Ngamba chimpanzee safari, setting the stage for a magical experience. Explore the uniquely designed Ngamba Ecolodge, combining East African aesthetics, solar lighting, and breathtaking views of Lake Victoria.

Day 1: Journey to the Chimp Haven

Embark on a thrilling adventure with a choice of morning, afternoon, or evening speedboat departure to Ngamba Island. Cruise across the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria, pausing at the Ugandan Equator for an optional refreshing swim and Insta-worthy photos. Step onto Ngamba Island, be welcomed by our friendly staff and be whisked away to Ngamba Ecolodge.

Ascend to an elevated platform to witness the chimpanzee feeding spectacle – an up-close encounter with their playful antics. Cap off the day with a special sunset cruise on Lake Victoria, a mesmerizing display of local fishing life, all while sipping on cool drinks by a crackling bonfire.

Day 2: Chimpanzee Ballet and Island Delights

Awaken your senses with morning coffee or tea, followed by an exclusive 15 to 30-minute observation of the chimpanzees’ morning rituals.

Savor a delicious breakfast at Ngamba Ecolodge, setting the tone for an adventurous day. Embark on a boat journey to another enchanting island, immersing yourself in a nature walk, bird watching, and panoramic vistas of Ngamba Island.

Delight in a leisurely lunch back at Ngamba Ecolodge, recounting the morning’s adventures. Dive into the heart of chimpanzee territory with the “tracking chimpanzees” experience, guided by experts along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Witness the chimpanzees’ snack time spectacle, decoding their communication and marveling at their ingenuity.

Return to Ngamba Ecolodge for a sumptuous dinner and a night of relaxation.

Day 3: Reflections and Farewell

3 days chimpanzee safari

Awaken to the soothing ambiance of Ngamba Island and indulge in a delightful breakfast. Roam freely around Ngamba Island, savoring the serenity, or unwind on your private balcony or terrace.

Reflect on the incredible journey, the wisdom gained about chimpanzees, and the beauty of Ngamba Island. Bid farewell to this island paradise as the boat awaits at 12:45 pm/noon for a scenic journey back to Entebbe.


Includes: Full board Accommodation, Boat, Entrance, Chimp monitoring at the water Edge, Sunset & Wildlife Hide(Complimentary)

Non-Residents Residents

Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak

1 per person  $851  $774  $627 $444

2 per person $664  $604  $444 $407

3 per person $594  $540  $407 $385

4 per person $554  $504        $385 $365


  •  Engaging English-speaking guide, transforming every moment into a captivating story.
  • Delectable full-board meals, each a culinary adventure (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner).
  • Refreshing bottled mineral water to keep you energized throughout.
  • Entrance fees to unlock the gates to unforgettable experiences.
  • A variety of activities and excursions are meticulously planned for an unforgettable journey.
  • Luxurious accommodation at Ngamba Ecolodge, a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility.


  • The thrill of an international flight is a prelude to your Ugandan escapade.
  • Visa fees (USD 50), a small investment for a grand adventure.
  • Hotel fees beyond the safari itinerary, allow you the freedom to extend your stay.
  • Savory meals and drinks beyond the outlined culinary delights.
  •  Personal expenses for those exclusive mementos and keepsakes.