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  • rutoto

    We made it! Our Chimp Champions.

    Thanks you to all of our amazing supporters who participated in Great Apes Giving Day 2016. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary raised $25,585 from 121 donors! And as a result, we will be awarded cash prizes for most dollars raised by small organizations, most unique number of donors and a golden

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  • great ape

    Support Ngamba Chimps on Ape Giving Day 2016

    Support Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary on Great Apes Giving Day this 4th October Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary will be participating in the Great Apes Giving Day as way of raising funds to feed the chimps and build a home for them and we currently host 49 orphaned chimpanzees that need

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  • IMG_5568

    Sara Ngamba Island’s Diva

    I want to own everything I see! I want to own every stick, every sack and every swing I see. Whether I’m going to use it or not, I want it. The care givers say it’s selfish of me to want everything I see but what’s wrong with a girl

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