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  • Eazy 2

    PES Project

    A Solution to Saving Biodiversity- We proved It! Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) was proved as a viable means for financing and procuring biodiversity conservation outside protected areas using an experimental methodology focusing on private and communal land in Uganda. Chimpanzee Trust was the lead implementer of the project in

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  • belgium day

    Happy 21st July

    Happy National Day to Belgium If you truly appreciate your #freedom, then you will never deny the opportunity to provide freedom to someone else. Warm hugs and sweet kisses from #NgambaChimps to our lovely friends in #belgium.#BonneIndépendance #GelukkigeOnafhankelijkheid #GlücklicheUnabhängigkeit #SummerProggie

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  • july 4th

    Happy 4th July 2017

    If we are free from attachment , we can easily recognize ourselves in other people. Thank you for loving the chimpanzees of Ngamba Island Sanctuary that has made a difference in their lives   Ngamba Chimps

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