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  • It’s dangerous being a Chimpanzee

    My name is Chimp Peace and I’m 30 years old this year. But for 12 years of my life I lived under captivity and at exactly 12 years old, I was taken to Court and stood before the Judge to defend my rights as a Chimpanzee. That sounds like a

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  • Illegal wildlife trade

    Tusks of commercial Interest: why you too are a poacher. Tusks of commercial interest: why you are responsible for illegal Elephant poaching. By Sarah Namulondo ( Elephant killed and tusk removed   Today I can’t look at the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus without asking,

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  • medina chimp

    Hajati Medina

    Being a Muslim is not easy, the continuous wash ups and fasts and prayers, it’s so hard for a girl to keep up but I try my best. My name is Hajati Medina and I am the only Muslim Chimpanzee living at Ngamba Island. I came from South Sudan so

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