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  • IMG_5568

    Sara Ngamba Island’s Diva

    I want to own everything I see! I want to own every stick, every sack and every swing I see. Whether I’m going to use it or not, I want it. The care givers say it’s selfish of me to want everything I see but what’s wrong with a girl

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  • IMG_9316

    My Name is Pasa

      When you enter the pant hooting Kingdom of Ngamba Island, it’s so hard to leave without a friend. That’s what happened to me. My name is Yoyo and lucky for me I stay at Ngamba Island. I’ve lived here for 16 years now and I have made a lot

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  • Chimp Mawa

    Mawa the smartest chimpanzee at Ngamba Island

    When being guided around Ngamba Island, quite often the last story you are told is about the two Juvenile chimpanzees of Ngamba Island. I am one of them and I have been in the holding facility for about 9 years now. Reason being, me and Asega like jumping up the

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