Adopt a Chimp program

In partnership with our U.S. based non-profit partner, Friends of Chimps, we have implemented, through their website, a fun donation program that allows you to foster one of the 49 chimps living at Ngamba Island. For $50USD per year, your ‘adoption’ donation helps support the care and welfare of all the chimps living at Ngamba.

When you adopt a specific individual, they will send you a Certificate of Adoption and we will send you an annual update on the health and activities of your adoptee.

Who is Friends of Chimps?

Friends of Chimps, formally known as ‘Friends of CSWCT’ was founded in 2008 after three American women visited Ngamba Island and fell in love with the chimps! They wanted to create a more formal way to support us from the U.S. and established a 501(c)(3) to accept tax-deductible donations in the U.S.

Over the years, our partnership with them has grown and their work supports not only Ngamba Island but also some of our field programs as well as the conservation efforts of other projects and organizations dedicated to chimpanzees worldwide.

You can learn more about their work at their website:

If you’d like to Adopt a Chimp, we encourage you to first read their individual stories on our Chimp Profiles page. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with at least one of them!

If you decide to adopt, you will leave our website and be redirected to the Friends of Chimps website to process your donation.

I big pant-hoot thank you in advance for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!