Chimp monitoring

Chimpanzee Trust has established a chimp monitoring system that is implemented by trained personnel from the local communities. This is being done in 5 sub-counties in Hoima and Masindi districts. The purpose is to understand chimp distribution and chimp movement in private forests and relate it with any proposed plan for effective interventions.

Socio-economic surveys

We conduct socio-economic surveys related to our ongoing work in order to relate demographic characteristics with the impact we and other government projects/programs make on the people’s livelihoods.

Ecological survey

Knowing ecological changes in the private forests and how they affect the survival of the chimpanzees is an important component within our programs. We encourage researchers from different parts of the world to undertake meaningful studies that can focus on indicator taxa such as birds, mammals, forests etc

Land use planning

The organization has made a survey to assess the existing land use practices and land use changes over time in Hoima, Masindi and Buliisa districts, with an ultimate goal of proper land use planning. This survey shows that degradation is at a high rate for high agricultural productivity and the communities are still ignorant of their actions to the environment. What can be done is a question of progressive studies on land use changes.