Otim Samuel


As an accountant, it is very important to know where the money of the organization you work for is spent to be able to understand the urgency and the need to attend to certain requests faster than others.

For me that happened when I visited Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary during my orientation on the job. Now I understand when a request for ten baskets of tomatoes comes in or when a request for five sacks of sweet potatoes comes in, it is not for cooking or a waste but for the 49 individual chimps that are under our care (food schedule).

And that for me as an accountant is termed as a matter of urgency and I prioritize it over other requests that keep coming to me in my office.

Working here as an accountant without primary knowledge in conservation or animal keeping, has helped me learn that animals whether wild or domestic are important and they shouldn’t be subjected to rotten foods or leftovers.

There food too can be prepared separately and treated with respect as it would be for human beings. That alone inspires my accounting and it makes me a better human being and accountant conservationist.