I’m Becky

chimp becky


Becky is an adult female chimp who is estimated to be born in 1991 and Ugandan by origin. She was confiscated from Kampala and arrived at Ngamba in October 1998.She is average sized chimpanzee with droopy lower lips and bald forehead. Becky attracts attention by making a “haa haa” noise during feeding time.

Becky is an adult female chimp who loves to spend most of her time with Sally and Kikyo her adopted son. Over the last three months, Becky has not suffered from any serious illness except for a cold and flu that she experienced at the start of October. She responds very well to the medication and she quickly recovers from any kind of physical ill health.

She likes hanging out with her best friend Sally and sometimes they come late for feeding. Despite that, they are usually among the first chimps to return to the holding facility in the evening. Becky barks at anyone when she is unhappy but sometimes does it to get the attention of the caregivers. When separated from Sally, she becomes nervous and runs side to side and sometimes rocks until they are reunited. When Kikyo requests to share the food with her, Becky is one of the few chimpanzees that willingly share her portion. For months, Becky has stopped the behavior of scratching people when she is unhappy but instead she barks at them.




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