Ngamba Islands Kungfu Chimpanzee

Ngamba Islands Kungfu Chimpanzee

If you were born in the 80’s, you must have encountered my movie moniker, Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, a movie dedicated to exhibit my fighting prowess through my 98.7% brother. Great job done there brother, hopefully one day you will come to Ngamba Island and see your mentor.


…I just lied there…


My name is Rambo as in Rambo because I liked playing while rolling around in the grass and somersaulting here and there so they named me Rambo.

But still I know a thing or two about Kungfu fighting and entering enemy territory. For instance when I’m terrified, I move sideways keeping my eyes on the enemy and at times I scream as a way of calling for backup.

On other days, during feeding, I prefer standing at the back alone and minimize the stiff competition, which is normally at the point next to the fence. That helps me get food quickly since the care givers tend to notice the lone chimp at the back.

I tell you, all my tricks work, that’s how I always annihilate my enemies.

Do you want to learn a thing or two about war strategy? I think I’m the man for the job but you’ve got to find me at Ngamba Island.

1000 Pant Hoots




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