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There is no better way to inspire the young generation in engaging in actions that promote the conservation of chimpanzees as a species than involving them in the real world challenges. This #GivingTuesday 3rd December 2019 we call upon all well-wishers to come together and support our cause. Donate

The Chimpanzee Trust will engage children from 20 schools surrounding Bugoma forest in actions that deter human wildlife conflict while promoting living in harmony with wildlife. Our team of Educators reach out to each of these schools and prepare them and task them to come up with simple actions that address the challenge at hand.

Bugoma forest is home to 650 Chimpanzees is under extreme threat of destruction due to increased demand for land for sugarcane growing. The destruction has resulted into several of issues including Human Wildlife Conflict.  This forest is located in a very strategic location because it’s a migratory route to endemic primates, endangered wildlife including chimpanzees, forest elephants to mention a few.

With such threats to a vital habitat this #GivingTuesday we are fundraising $5000 US Dollars which will help in creating awareness about the plight of wildlife with Chimpanzee as flagship specie. We plan to engage 10 primary schools and 10 secondary schools in Hoima and Kikuube District of western Uganda, to organise wildlife quiz competitions as a means of creating awareness on the challenges resulting from the encroachment of the forest as well as means of adopting, mitigating becoming resilient to such impacts.  We also target local leaders and legislators to attend the event so as to pass on the message to them

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