Mentoring and Coaching in Conservation

Entebbe primary School Pupils Hosted @ Ngamba Island Offices In Entebbe.

In a bid to promote leadership skills in the young generation, Ngamba Island has embarked on the mentoring and coaching program among the Entebbe Primary School pupils and on Wednesday, a total of 17 pupils from six schools namely Elite Junior School Kawuku, Lake Victoria School, Kiwafu Primary school, Namate Primary School, Entebbe Junior School and Entebbe Christian School enjoyed a one day familiarization tour at the Ngamba Island offices in Entebbe. The school pupils were given the opportunity to manage the respective departmental offices and each  had something to say;

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR; Uwimana Desire  (P.5) Lake Victoria School.

“I’ve learnt that the Ngamba Island Executive Director manages the whole place (organization). Holds meeting with staff and also supervises them. The Executive Director signs on documents and also answers phone calls’.

On her part, Lilly Ajarova, the Ngamba Island Executive Director revealed that the idea to coach and mentor the primary School pupils in leadership skills came up during the 20 year Ngamba Island Anniversary.

“Coaching and mentoring the primary School pupils in leadership skills is a new concept which we believe will develop the young generation into future leaders. We believe by exposing the kids to different skills as early as possible they will be inspired to become responsible future leaders”, Ajarova disclosed.


FINANCE MANAGER; Muhoozi Kevin (P.5) Lake Victoria School

‘I’ve learnt the roles of a financial assistant which include paying taxes, paying suppliers, making accountability, banking and withdrawing money and providing employment”.

Joan Mukisa- Finance Assistant with Muhoozi Kevin

 GUEST RELATIONS AND PARTNERSHIP;  Achola Grace (P.6) Kiwafu Primary School.

”I have learnt how to type information. I’ve acquired information about chimps at Ngamba Island and I’ve also learnt how to count and bank money”.

Dorthy Basemera- Guest Relations and Partnership with Achola Grace

MARKETING MANAGERS; Honour Emmanuella Agolor (P.6) Entebbe Christian School and Jjunjju Mark Angello Juuko (P.7) Elite Junior School Kawuku

‘I’ve learnt how to get information from the website. I’ve learnt how to make and promote different products. I’ve also learnt about the accommodation facilities and different activities that take place at Ngamba Island” , Honour.

‘I’ve learnt how to access Ngamba Island Website to get information about the Chimps. I’ve learnt how tourists get information from the website about different tourist attractions. I’ve also learnt how to get information from booklets and how marketing is carried out”, Jjunjju.

From L-R: Honour, Kevin, Jjunju, Grace with tourist

VETERINARY DOCTOR; Nakate Jemimah (P.7) Elite Junior School Kawuku

I’ve learnt how to prepare first Aid boxes which includes surgical spirits, gloves, scissors, bandages, plasters, thermometers, cotton and splints.

Dr. Joshua Rukundo, Conservation Programs Director with  Nakate Jemimah (P.7) Elite Junior School Kawuku.

Betty Angucia- House Keeper with Kiwanika

Richard Nyakuta- Security Officer with Tumusime Richard

This is one of the events leading to the world Chimpanzee day celebrations on 14th July 2018


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