Other wildlife on Ngamba Island |Water Mongoose, Nile Monitor Lizards and Otters

Ngamba Island has a variety of other wildlife species, including over 150 species of birds, mammals like the spot necked otters, fruits bats, marsh mongoose, genet cats and reptiles like the Nile monitor lizards, as well as other insects and plants.
The sanctuary has recently recorded an increase in the sightings of the nocturnal marsh/water mongoose. These are mongoose with dark brown and shaggy coats. Very social and often seen travelling in large family groups. Though sometimes we see one or two moving around in search of food when they see people, they run back to the group. They are commonly seen every night and early mornings. The mongoose emits a high-pitched noise, commonly known as giggling when it mates. Giggling is also heard during courtship.
To learn more about other wildlife visit the sanctuary to get first-hand experience.
The board, management and staff are grateful to all its donors for the support rendered during the just-completed Giving Day for Apes fundraising campaign where the Trust was looking for funds to sustain its key operations at Ngamba Island. Through your support, we were able to meet our target of USD 20,000. We thank you for your love and support to the chimpanzees of Uganda.

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