Afrika’s baby boy a bouncing joy

Since his birth, Afrika’s baby boy has been a centre of our attention at the sanctuary. ‘He was very fragile from the circumstances of his birth, so we had to keep a close eye on him and nurse him to health,’ Innocent Ampeire the Manager in charge of Animal Welfare says.

Well, he’s now been given a clean bill of health by the sanctuary veterinarian; the cast on his arm was removed, wounds healed, his hair is growing steadily and appetite very good. It is interesting to observe the progress of his growth and Betty his caretaker gives you some interesting observations noted on change of behaviour.

During the month I have seen great improvement with the baby chimp. He makes calls, grants and whimpers when he wants to communicate. He has now perfected a panthoot; something he couldn’t do a few weeks ago. He is more aware of his environment and wants to explore often.
One thing though that we are all looking out for is when he will start to walk. This, he has not attempted yet.
The sanctuary however still needs support to provide the necessary welfare to this baby. Follow the link below to give towards the daily care for Afrika’s baby.

Afrika’s baby boy or contact

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