It begins now! Vote Lilly Ajarova and Eric Ntalo

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Pearl of Africa Tourism Excellence Awards (POATE) salutes and recognizes remarkable conservation and tourism personalities who through strength, foresight have induced positive change in the Uganda tourism industry.

It is our pleasure to announce that our Executive Director -LILLY AJAROVA and colleague ERIC NTALO have been nominated in the 2017 categories for;

* Best Tourism Personality Female – Lilly Ajarova

* Conservation Personality – Lilly Ajarova

* Best Tourism Personality Male- Eric Ntalo

Eric Ntalo and Lilly Ajarova
To VOTE for them this is how:

1. Simply click

 2.Scroll to the above mentioned categories i.e. BEST TOURISM PERSONALITY FEMALE, BEST TOURISM PERSONALITY MALE and CONSERVATION PERSONALITY and click the category


4. You will receive a notification

PS: Vote everyday till Feb. 14 Tuesday next week.

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