I’m Baron

chimp Baron

Meet Chimp Baron

Baron is a male chimpanzee that is estimated to be born in 2002.He was confiscated from Kasonga village, Hoima District and arrived at Ngamba on 28th July 2008. Baron is a very playful chimp, loves company, but does not like to be left alone.

Baron is a juvenile male who is close to Indi and has unquestionably good appetite. For the past few months, Baron has been doing okay and he had not experienced any illness until the start of October when he got some flu and cough which were treated successfully.  Baron’s rank has improved and he is at times seen challenging Ikuru and Pasa when they stay behind after the feeding on the forest side.

Baron loves the company of Indi and he has more trust in him. When he is being challenged by the other chimps in the community, Baron finds it easy to go to the high ranking males for protection specially Tumbo. He is very impatient during the feeding and if he does not get food he screams a lot and starts to rock and sometimes claps. When he is in the holding facility, Barons likes spending time with the adult males as opposed to the females and the young chimps. In the morning when leaving the holding facility, he is most times the last to get out and sometimes has to be forced by the caregivers to go to the forest.

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