Meet Chimp Kisembo

chimp kisembo


Am male chimp, who originated from DRC and is estimated to be born in 1999.He arrived at Ngamba on 9th August 2000.Kisembo was confiscated from Arua at the back of a bicycle when he was on his way to being sold to a Ugandan housewife.

He is one of the young adults in the community fighting for the rank of the alpha male. His general health has been stable and he has not experienced any major illness except at the start of October when he had cough and cold and he responded very well to the medication.  His rank has generally improved and he now commands respect from adult chimpanzees like Tumbo and Eddy.

During feeding in the forest, Kisembo displays a lot irrespective of whom he targets, sometimes picking on the females’ in the group. When he is in the holding facility he likes picking on Mawa by first waiting for the chimps to leave the holding facility and then he charges gradually and gains momentum.  When Kisembo is leaving the holding facility, he takes his time. He is very flexible during feeding times at the forest side sometimes choosing to feed next to the big adult males and at times chooses to be near some young chimps.


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