I’m Katie

Chimp Katie

Meet Chimp Katie

Katie is a female adult estimated to be born in 1987 and originated from DRC; she was confiscated from Entebbe Airport and arrived at Ngamba in October 1998. Katie is recognized by her dark face and damaged ear. She is of medium size and is the only adult with a ruptured right ear. She is the only adult who had baby from the island due to failure of the implant. “Surprise”

She is one of the adult and influential females in the community. She likes positioning herself strategically where she can easily see Kyewunyo but sometimes hides from her to give some level of independence as a mother. In October, Katie had flu and a bit of cough but they were easily treated and she responded well to the medication.

Katie loves to stand on two legs to easily see straight ahead. She loves Kyewunyo/Surprise and makes sure that she is never out of her view. Katie likes to raspberry especially when asking for food either during the day feedings or very early morning after seeing buckets of posho {corn meal} and bananas. She is rarely observed nesting in the forest but instead she is among the first individuals to return to the holding facility in the evening. When she feels she is unattended to in the holding, Katie opts to breaking the bars so that she increases the chances of chimps escaping.

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