I’m Kikyo

Meet Chimp Kikyo

Kikyo is among the youngest male chimps; his estimated to be born in 2004.He was confiscated from Rwenzori National Park, Bundibugyo western Uganda and arrived at Ngamba on 23rd August 2006. Kikyo popularly known by staff as “kityo” is a fairly small individual among the group. His small, slander, brown / pink infant chimpanzee with wrinkled face below the eye brow and dark patch close to the nose.

Kikyo is one of the young determined male chimps. He is in good health and has an amazing appetite. At the start of October Kikyo was one of the chimps that suffered from flu and cold which was successfully treated. His rank has improved in the community and he is sometimes seen challenging chimps like Ikuru, Becky, Sophie and other females that spend the day in the forest.

Kikyo is fond of nesting in the forest. During the day feeding, Kikyo gets food and sits alone to eat mostly on the branch or log. He loves charging especially when he is among the females including his surrogate mother Becky. When Kikyo enters the holding facility; where he spends the night with other chimpanzees, he starts by charging and beating the females in the room. He still does not trust humans and makes sure he keeps a distance from them including the caregivers. He becomes very nervous when he is alone in the inside the holding facility rooms.


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