I’m Connie

Meet Chimp Connie

Connie is a female adult chimpanzee that is estimated to be born in 1989 in Uganda.She was confiscated from an army roadblock, near Mbarara and arrived at Ngamba in October 1998.She is a short chimpanzee with black face and brown/pink outline around her lips.

Connie is one an adult female chimp who is currently providing motherly care to Sara, the youngest chimpanzee at the sanctuary. Over the last three months, Connie has been healthy and when she experienced a cold, she responded positively to the medication. She has maintained her rank in the community and is often observed protecting young chimps especially Sara.

Connie becomes very uncomfortable when she is not with Sara to the extent that she screams and hugs herself until Sara joins her. When letting the chimps go to the forest/dusk enclosure, Connie does not allow the little one to cross the door by herself. Connie loves to see young Sara play with other individuals in the community but when it is night; she makes sure that she shares a hammock with her.

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