Hi, am Kyewunyo

Baby girl chimp at Ngamba

Meet Chimp Kyewunyo

She is one of the young adult female who was born on 1st July 2002 to Katie on Ngamba Island. Kyewunyo means ‘surprise’ in Luganda.  She was named this because she was born to Katie, one of our resident adult females who got pregnant between her old and new implant being fitted.

She is one of the young adult females on Ngamba Island and was born at the sanctuary to Katie. Her rank has greatly improved but it is more reliant on the presence of her mother. Over the few months Kyewunyo has not fallen sick except for the simple cold and flu which she experienced by the start of October. She responds very well to the medication even when they taste bitter.

Kyewunyo likes to hunt for birds and other small wildlife. During feeding Kyewunyo sits close to the fence and puts up her right hand expecting caregivers to throw some food to her. She provokes other chimpanzees into fight knowing that her mother will protect her. When tanking porridge in the evening she positions herself next to Katie (her mother) where she feels protected from the other chimps who may otherwise want to tease her.

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