Hajati Medina

Being a Muslim is not easy, the continuous wash ups and fasts and prayers, it’s so hard for a girl to keep up but I try my best. My name is Hajati Medina and I am the only Muslim Chimpanzee living at Ngamba Island.

I came from South Sudan so you can clearly understand my Islamic roots but that put aside I am a very curious individual. I like observing what other Chimpanzees are doing like clapping and swinging their hands when asking for food, using sticks to collect food from behind the fence and playing in water.

Of all the three, playing in water is my best, I like going to the beach and wash myself up while the others are watching.It’s so fulfilling, so fellow Muslims, when I say I am the only Muslim Chimpanzee at Ngamba Island, I mean it.

Now that you have seen I perform my wudu’s constantly, don’t ever celebrate Eid ul Fitr or Eid Al Adha without me again nor go into fasting without thinking about your sister Hajati Medina.

Come by at Ngamba Island and we do it together this coming Eid. Insha’Allah

1000 Pant Hoots

medina friend

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