Private Partnership Concession for Ngamba Island, Uganda


Expression of Interest for a Private Partnership Concession for Ngamba Island, Uganda


The Board and Management of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust), wish to outsource the tourism business at Ngamba Island as one of its strategies to achieve long-term sustainability.

Chimpanzee Trust’s vision is to make Ngamba Island the number one destination for tourists looking to visit primates in Uganda and those wishing for a quick get-away from the hustles and buzzes of busy Kampala and Entebbe. Ngamba as a destination offers a unique, authentic and treasured experience and thus has the potential to be among the top 5 tourist destinations, by 2017. Over the years, Ngamba has slowly built its brand as a tourist destination and is now primed to reap to further growth. Accordingly, as an operational strategy, the Chimpanzee Trust would like to see an enhanced competitiveness of the Ngamba Island as a tourist destination as well as an increase in: the brand visibility of Ngamba Island; the numbers of visitors; and the accommodation capacity on offer at Ngamba Island without distorting the natural environment and objectives of the sanctuary.

Location and Site description

Ngamba Island is 100 acres of land that is located at S 0° 6.15’and E 32° 39.21’on Lake Victoria, 23 kilometers south-east of Entebbe mainland. It takes approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International airport to the Ngamba Island jetty in Entebbe, from where it is 30-45minute’s ride to the island by speedboat.

The island boasts of 95 acres tropical forest that provides a home to 49 orphaned and rescued chimpanzees.

Ngamba Island’s rich biodiversity includes over 150 species of birds and at least 10 other species of other wildlife from otters, monitor lizards, to butterflies and other interesting features.  In calm weather, the northern end of the island provides a pristine area for swimming, kayaking, fishing and other water sports.

Business concept

Chimpanzee Trust is requesting for proposals from globally recognized lodge management chains with adequate resources, expertise and experience, who can work with the Trust to develop Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary into a brand with visibility as a top tourist destination with adequate accommodation capacity and touristic amenities and sports.  The company that will receive the concession shall provide a commercially enhancing proposal that will ensure that while both parties attain maximum gain and profit, there is no compromise to the welfare of the chimpanzees, environmentally friendly including conducting an EIA before facilities are established, and that there is safety of all involved.

The two Lots under issue for development are as follows:

  • Lot 1: Eastern side is a 2 acre area with a 100-150m white sand beach;
  • Lot 2: Western side is 1.5 acres and is raised forested area.

These Lots can be awarded under concession to one concessioner or two separate concessioners.

 Capacity to undertake this transaction

  • The annual turnover of the firm in each of the last three financial years should exceed US$ 10 million (audited financial statements are required for the last three years).
  • Capability to build, finance, operate, maintain, and manage a high-end, 5-star, eco-lodge for a contractual period of 15 years with an option to renew after an evaluation of the initial period;

Tender Process

The tender process has two consecutive stages: this Pre-qualification (PQ) stage, and the Request-for-Proposal (RFP) stage. At this PQ stage, interested parties are invited to submit an EOI which includes the pre-qualification information listed below. Bidders who successfully meet the pre-qualification criteria below will be short-listed for the RFP stage and will be invited to attend a Formal Site Visit and Bidder’s Conference. They will then receive an RFP to submit technical and financial proposals that include full business and investment plans.

Pre-qualification Criteria and Information:

EOIs submitted by any bidder should include confirmation, and sufficient evidence, that the bidder meets the pre-qualification criteria by providing the following information:

Mandatory Pre-qualification Criteria

  • Must have operated at least two high-end safari lodges for a period of not less than five years in/adjacent to a protected area in Africa
  • Size of existing safari tourism business: minimum of 10 existing beds; an annual turnover of greater than US$10,000,000
  • Experience in the development and management of a an ecotourism lodge and successful marketing of an emerging high-end safari tourism destination
  • Experience in managing value-added, high-end safari tourism activities (e.g. field guiding, bird-watching, sports fishing, boat cruises, and viewing platforms etc.)
  • International marketing capabilities (directly or via service providers) that can deliver high occupancies in East Africa.
  • A commitment to involvement of local communities and implementation of environmentally sensitive best practice

Pre-qualified firms shall receive the detailed qualification criteria in the Request for Proposal Document.

Site Visits and Bidder’s Conference

There will be two opportunities for site visits. Prior to submitting an EOI, any interested party may attend a site visit to be arranged by the Chimpanzee Trust. Please confirm your interest for a site visit arrangement by the Trust one week in advance. Pre-qualified bidders will be invited to a Formal Site Visit and Bidders Conference prior to the RFP. Interested parties may visit Ngamba Island at any other time as normal tourists.

All questions must be submitted in writing by email to and Questions and responses will be shared with other interested parties.

Expression of Interest shall be received until June 30th , 2017 and to be submitted to:

Executive Director

Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Plot 1 Bank Close, Entebbe Town

P.O. Box 884, Entebbe – Uganda

Telephone; +256 414320662, 0759 221537


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