School Outreach Program

Chimpanzee Trust’s school outreach program is aimed at passing conservation knowledge to the future generation. This has been done through enhancing schools’ participation in conservation education activities at the local, national and international level.The school outreach program is done in three (3) operational areas these are schools neighboring Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, schools in the Northern Albertine rift landscape and schools around Entebbe.

Music Dance Drama

Despite little success to pass on its conservation messages through music dance and drama at National level, the Chimpanzee Trust works closely with Wildlife Clubs of Uganda to organise music dance and drama competitions during key conservation events. Wildlife Clubs of Uganda is

The Chimpanzee Trust organises an annual event to create awareness on conservation education among schools on Koome Islands, 13 primary schools are actively involved in this program. Music Dance and Drama contributes to improving talents and it improves the learning experience of children hence reducing pupils’ dropout rate.

Debates and Quiz Competitions

Teachers from schools working closely with Chimpanzee Trust  meet to; come up with a theme for the year in line with wildlife, set up or modify the existing guiding rules, and decide on the hosting community or school.

This annual event brings together 13 island schools that debate and participate in a quiz completion to create awareness on wildlife conservation and nature. Parents are always amused by what their children can do. The activity over the years has improved the children’s communication skills, public speaking and grades in school. We appreciate the support of Born Free Foundation who has sponsored this program over the past years. To support this activity click here

School Based Enterprises (SBE)

Youth unemployment remains a serious policy challenge in many sub-Saharan African countries, including Uganda. Rapid population growth and high unemployment of youth (national definition, 18-30 years) in Uganda was at 64%. (UBOS, 2013)

The Chimpanzee Trust promotes School Based Enterprises as a means to bridge the gap between school leavers and the employment world. The Chimpanzee Trust promotes SBE, with a bias to education for sustainability (EFS). ,” School Based Enterprises are school entrepreneur activities that produce goods and services, to meet the needs of the schools’ market and provide learning experiences for students.”

The Chimpanzee Trust is currently working  three school based enterprises including; Bee keeping at Myende Community school (Link picture), Mushroom growing at Munteme Junior school (Link picture), fruit tree growing at Buyana RC primary school (Link picture).

The Chimpanzee Trust notes the numerous benefits that SBE provide, however the most important on is that they provide  realistic and practical learning experiences that reinforce classroom instruction and prepare learners for the future employment world.  The SBE allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in a “live” business setting where challenges arise daily and people interactions are always varied.

School Based Enterprises , share several traits with Education For Sustainability, including, flexibility, multidisciplinary, promotion of participation, culture diversity, gender equity , promotion of culture of peace and non-violence , global citizenship, skills development, human rights, environment and social economic sustainability. With this in mind, School Based Enterprise  provide a platform that can easily nurture Education For Sustainability in the school and therefore; Foster personal and social development for worthwhile lives, and acquire, develop, transmit, conserve, and discover a worthwhile culture. (Plant, 2005, p. 24)

To support education for sustainability in schools through school based enterprises click here.