Call for Experts


Chimpanzee Trust- a Non-Governmental Organisation whose mission is to “sustainably conserve Chimpanzees in their natural habitat and provide optimum captive care for those who cannot survive in the wild” has received a Rapid Response grant from the Darwin Initiatives to address the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. The Trust has running projects around the Bugoma Forest landscape which have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the organisation’s efforts in sustainably conserving chimpanzees and their habitats through community livelihoods enhancement and biodiversity conservation have faced challenges.

There are opportunities to provide technical expertise in aspects of biodiversity conservation, livelihoods and the potential threat of pandemics like COVID-19 to the above issues.

Follow the links below for detailed Terms of Refences for Consultancies

Biodiversity Click here

Livelihoods/ Social Economic click here

Public Health Click here

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