• Chimp Billi at Ngamba Island sanctuary

    Meet Chimp Billi

    Hello, Billi is a female chimpanzee who came from DRC and is estimated to have been born early in 1998. She was confiscated from Arua and arrived at Ngamba on 18th February 2001. She is a tall average sized juvenile chimp with a bald patch and a well-defined ridge above her eye brows. She was […]

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  • chimp Afrika

    Hi, My Name is: Afrika

     Early 2007  Sex: Female  Origin: Kashoya Kitomi National Forest, UGANDA  Arrived at Ngamba: 18th June 2008 Confiscated: Near Kashoya Kitomi National Forest Reserve by UWA rangers at Kyambura Wildlife Reserve (QENP) Before she was confiscated, Afrika had been confined in an improvised wooden cage with no provision for stretching, except when she extended her arm to get food. Surviving only […]

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