Meet Chimp Billi

Chimp Billi at Ngamba Island sanctuary


Billi is a female chimpanzee who came from DRC and is estimated to have been born early in 1998. She was confiscated from Arua and arrived at Ngamba on 18th February 2001. She is a tall average sized juvenile chimp with a bald patch and a well-defined ridge above her eye brows. She was named Billi after the town in DRC in which she is presumed to have come from.

She’s one of the low ranking young adult females with a very good appetite and her weight has increased. She has improved in rank since the integration of the four chimpanzees that were rescued from South Sudan and commands respect from the adult females like Connie and Becky.

Bili still cares for Afrika and supports her in case of any attempted attack from the other chimps. I loves to nest in the forest and even when she returns to the holding, she is among the last individuals to enter. Most times she avoids the big group and isolates herself with company of a few low ranking chimps especially Afrika. During feeding, she prefers to sit at the back towards the bushes.


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